Patient Reviews

Very patient focused. I felt I was treated as an individual rather than just a collection of symptoms.

Dr Miller save me from not enjoying life. My pain still there but she is so profecional at what she does that I can deal with it better. Gina the receptionist the best I ever have. She cares for us, cares to the point that she goes the extra mile for the patient not to miss my appointment and helps me to get in to see Dr Miiler every time I m desperate. She cares!

Dr. Helene Miller is a very personable and engaging doctor. I was apprehensive about bringing my child to a psychiatrist, I was concerned about all kinds of things. Dr. Miller put me at ease and was very helpful with my child’s issues. I highly recommend her. The service that answers is a little lacking, but her office manager was nice and helpful.

When I started seeing Dr. Miller this year, I was desperate for help. I had been living with depression and crippling anxiety & was doubtful I’d ever find relief. As soon as Gina answered- I knew I was in good hands. She got me in ASAP and was very caring. Dr. Miller was sympathetic, patient & didn’t judge me. She addressed my issues, referred me to a therapist and gave me HOPE. I took ALL of her suggestions & dove into recovery. She’s not in my network- but her expertise is priceless. <3 her!!

Dr. Miller is the BEST! My 14 year old son has been seeing Dr. Miller for 2 and a half years for OCD and ADHD. I am a clinical psychologist, and I chose Dr. Miller because she has a great reputation with my peers as the best child psychiatrist in northern NJ. My son always finds her easy to talk to, and when we have to change or add medications, it is always explained to us the reasons why he needs it, , and my son really feels like she listens to him. He is so much better now, in all honors classes!

She is amazing! Kind, thoughtful and very comforting! Felt so at ease, and she is very thorough and truly makes you feel that she really wanted to help you!

I recently started bringing my child in to be treated by Dr. Miller for depression and anxiety. While dealing with a hormonal and emotional teenager/young adult is NEVER easy, Dr. Miller has been helping us work through some very concerning issues. She is very calming and quite attentive. My child actually looks forward to these sessions and is feeling better. I would recommend Dr. Miller to anyone with a teenager who is worried that their child will not connect with an adult.

I have been seeing Dr. Miller for the past nine months for my struggles with anxiety and depression. Through the use of medication and most importantly my conversations with Dr. Miller I feel that I have made tremendous progress. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller because of the manner in which she listened to me and my concerns with understanding and compassion for my situation.